Monday Morning Mind Meld – 4/27/20

  • Article: “‘A Goofy Movie’ at 25: An Oral History of “I2I” and the Powerline Concert Scene” (Slashfilm) A Goofy Movie turns 25 this month and is one of my favorite movies, now available on Disney +. Slashfilm does a oral history of the timeless music from the movie.
  • Article: “INNOVATION VS. THE CORONAVIRUS: The first modern pandemic” (Gates Notes)
  • Audiobook: “Caffeine:How Caffeine Created the Modern World”(Audible) A quick listen that I finished on a long walk on evening. Michael Pollan tells the story of the rise of coffee alongside capitalism, and the history of the coffee break in this Audible original.

Photo of the week

Buc-ee gets it. 😷

Monday Morning Mind Meld – 4/20/20

Fighting the urge to fall into a “Too Hot To Handle” shaped time suck, here’s what’s been distracting me from the darkness this week.

  • Series: “Devs” (FX on Hulu) While sitting at home binging reality dating shows on Netflix to make you feel better about your sad existence, why not watch a show that questions the universe and the existence of free will. The eight part miniseries is worth sitting through the commercials on Hulu for Nick Offerman’s performance alone.
  • Song: “Quarantine Boogie (Loco)” (Youtube) Hopefully not the anthem of the summer, but certainly the quarantine anthem.
  • Article: “Yes, Even Introverts Can Be Lonely Right Now”( YES

Monday Morning Mind Meld – 4/13/20

Aside from binging season 3 of Ozark on Netflix, here’s a few things that have been occupying my mind this past week.

  • Book: “The Rosie Project” (Amazon) Highly recommended by Bill Gates several years ago, I recently picked up this book and kept coming coming back to it as I identified parts of myself in “Don” the genetics professor. The first book of three in the Don Tillman series, I look forward to the checking out the rest of the series.
  • Podcast: The Tim Ferriss Show – Dr. Vivek Murthy (, Spotify) A timely conversation from former Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy on COVID-19 and the rise of loneliness as we physically and socially distance ourselves from the world around us.
  • Article: NY Times “Lessons in Constructive Solitude From Thoreau” ( Constructive Solitude as Thoreau referred to his time in a small cabin on Walden Pond became a time for reflection and creation. I wouldn’t call binge watching “Tiger King” a waste of time, but we should all weave in some self development in this time we are given.

“We must first succeed alone, that we may enjoy our success together.” -Henry David Thoreau